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Acai Berry Detox 30 DAY SUPPLY

Acai Berry Detox and Appetite Suppressant is one of the most powerful natural antioxidant products available on the market. This product was formulated specifically for use before, during, and after the HCG diet. Unlike other brands that have oils and sugars in their product, causing some to limit their weight loss, all of our ingredients come from natural sources and contain no oils or sugars. Completely safe and effective for those looking to lose even more weight while dieting, especially HCG dieters!

Perform the Acai Berry Detox Cleanse with or without the HCG Diet. Start taking anytime before, during, or after the HCG Diet.

While regular exercise is good for your health, it can generate free radicals in your body, which are damaging compounds that cause harmful oxidative stress. Acai has powerful antioxidant activity that can help your body eliminate these free radicals, with or without exercise.

Acai is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods.

Our ingredients are as follows.

Acai berry Fruit powder: powerful Antioxidant.
Psyllium Powder : helps maintain regularity and colon health. It helps pull putrefactive toxins from the sides of the intestines and colon.
Slippery Elm Bark: aids in relieving gastrointestinal conditions
Aloe Vera leaf powder : soothes irritated areas of the digestive tract.
Chlorella: Helps the body in its natural removal of potential toxins from your system, helps to strengthen immune system.
Black Walnut Hulls powder : helps aid in Diarrhea and Constipation
Ginger Rood: Ginger compounds are active against diarrhea and treating nausea- promotes the production of bile
Hyssop Leaf: Antimicrobial and anti-viral properties aids in intestinal infection
Papaya fruit powder : helps break down proteins and aid digestion
Lycopene: A strong antioxidant. Intermountain.


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