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Blood Typing Kit, 1 Easy Self-Testing Kit, D’adamo, Eldon


  • Know Your Blood Type
  • For Self-Testing of ABO and RhD Blood Groups
  • Easy, Fast, Reliable
  • 5 – 37 °C, 41 – 99°F
  • Eldon Biological A/S


  1. Eldoncard 2511
  2. Skin Cleaning Swab
  1. EldonSticks
  1. Automatic Lancet
  2. Plastic Dropper
  3. Instruction for Use

A World of Personalized Health Solutions

Knowing your blood type gives you the nutritional edge in weight loss, helps to resolve health issues, and opens the door to a vital, energetic new you.


Not for screening purposes prior to transfusion.

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Weight .2 kg