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Calendula, Fluid Extract, 1:2, 50ml

Botanical Name:  Calendula officinalis

Plant Parts Used:  Flower

Ethanol Content:  90%

Calendula Major Actions:
Vulnerary, anti-inflammatory, lymphatic, antiseptic, styptic

Calendula Major Indications:
– Relief of enlarged lymph nodes.
– To help relief inflammatory conditions of the digestive system.
– Internally and topically to support healthy circulation, especially of the legs and to relieve haemorrhoids.
– Internally and topically for acne.
– Topically to support healthy wound healing.
– Topically for skin inflammations, including nappy rash and eczema.
– Topically for inflammation of the mouth and throat mucosa, including mouth ulcers
– Topically for sprains and bruises.
– Topically as an eye bath to support healthy conjunctiva.
– Topically for infections of the skin, particularly fungal.

Calendula Contraindications and Cautions:
Contraindicated in known allergy to Calendula.  Avoid topical application of Calendula in those with known sensitivity to other members of the Compositae family.  Professional supervision is suggested for pregnancy and lactation.  Discontinue 7 days prior to general anesthesia.

Dosage and Administration:
1.5-4.2 ml a day
10-30 ml a day

Calendula, Fluid Extract, 1:2, 50ml

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