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Cricket Powder, 100g, Good Pantry

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Cricket Powder, 100g, Good Pantry

Price reduced to below cost price.  Product date is Best Before 31 August 2019. – Grab a bargain now!

Our organic, sustainably-farmed cricket powder is a protein-loaded superfood. Containing 68% protein, its mild, nutty flavour will add a nutritional boost to the food you enjoy every day. Eat good, do good.


Crickets are extremely high in protein- Good Pantry’s Cricket Powder is 68% protein, compared to 28% protein contained in a cut of Eye Fillet Beef you can see why it is a protein source to be reckoned with! The credentials of Cricket Powder don’t stop with its incredible protein levels… Our Cricket Powder goes on to impress even the toughest critics:

It is high in iron-containing more iron than spinach. Iron is essential for healthy blood cells which impact on every part of our health.

It is high in calcium- contains the same amount of calcium as milk. Calcium helps your body to build strong bones and teeth, release hormones, clot blood, and many positive impacts on overall wellbeing.

The perfect Omega 6:3 ratio of 3:1, as our body cannot make these essential fats we must obtain them from our food to help prevent chronic disease.

Excellent source of dietary fibre which our body needs for digestive health among other important benefits such as preventing heart disease.

Great source of Vitamin B12, the vitamin that helps to keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy.

Contains all 9 essential amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins and are vital to health.

What’s the big deal about protein I hear you ask….

Nourishing our bodies with dietary protein is vital for health. It supports proper immune function, helps to maintain and build muscle mass, regulates blood sugar and allows for sustained energy. To burn body fat quickly, a high level of protein is required in your diet. As Cricket Powder is high in protein and low in both fat and carbohydrates it is a good choice to include in your fat burning diet. Aside from its advantage in fat burning, it is a good choice to include in your everyday healthy diet to help your body perform at optimum levels.

How to use Cricket Powder

Our Cricket Powder is a great addition to all your baking- sweet and savoury. Simply substitute 10% of the normal flour for Cricket Powder in baking. Add it to smoothies, soups, salads, the list is endless! It has even been used as an after-school snack sprinkled on apple slices spread with nut butter

Cricket Powder, 100g, Good Pantry


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