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Diatomaceous Earth Book , going green using Diatomaceous Earth,


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Diatomaceous Earth Book , going green using Diatomaceous Earth, How to Tip’s
 first Diatomaceous Earth book (DE Book) loaded with practical, all natural, and best of all 100% safe ways to get rid of pests in the home, garden, and farm for good while improving the health of people, animals ,birds, chooks, and plants, worm farming
This DE book, by Tui Rose, is a must read for everyone that deals with all types of insect pests, animal and human health issues, and poor plant nutrition.

Fossil Shell Flour Stimulates the basic metabolism, increases protein digestion . Satisfies and stops dirt licking and stable gnawing.

Can be sprinkled on coat to deter fleas 

* Cats 1 teaspoon

* Dogs under 50 lbs. 2 teaspoons

* Dogs over 50 lbs. 1 Tablespoon

* Dogs over 100 lbs. 2 Tablespoons

* Cattle 2% by weight of dry ration

* Calves 4 grams in morning

* Dairy cattle 2% by weight of dry ration

* Chickens 5% in feed

* Hogs 2% of weight in feed ration

* Large Horses 1 cup in daily ration

* Ponies and Small Hacks cup in daily ration

* Miniatures & Foals cup in daily ration

* Sheep 1% in ground grain

* Goats 1% in ground grain


The Other Benefits are listed

+ Increases appetite, health and production

+ Stimulates the basic Metabolism

+ Satisfies mineral requirements

+ Contains 15 trace minerals

+ Prevents worms and virus epidemics from developing

+ Saves Albumen, destroys harmful acids, safeguards the stomach

+ Absorbs destructive and poisonous sediments in animals

+ Causes better digestion, exercising a speed – up of mineral metabolism 

My horse has been fed this for almost a year, it is mixed into her daily feed and within months she had a glossy shiny coat and improved hoof growth. A Recent worm test came up with zero egg count so I am definitely in belief that this has help her parasite control. Worms start dying within 7 days of use and lung/heart worms within 60 days. DE pierces and dehydrates the worm and over a few months the worm cycle has been killed. DE does not kill the eggs but as in my case by killing the worms there were no eggs. 

I have just started taking this and I cannot believe the energy and zest for life I now have

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