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Face Mask, 10 Day, Large, 3 Packs, Puritas


  • Made in Korea
  • Protect Yourself
  • More than 10 Days Reusable
  • Fight Covid-19
  • Breathing Improvement – High Nose U-Shape Maximum Inner Space
  • Comfortable Breathing – Respiratory Resistance 80% Reduce
  • USA EPA Certificate
  • Industry’s First EPA Certified Sterilized Fabric
  • Various Pathogen Sterilization and Safety Verification
  • L-Size for Adult
  • 220 mm x 85 mm

Triple Protection Fight Covid-19

  • Antimicrobial layer
  • Blocking layer
  • Antimicrobial layer

Suggested use

  1. The metal strip part is facing up, the side without metal strip is facing the face, and the ear bands are pulled on each hand;
  2. Face the mask against the chin first, and pull the ear band back to the ear and hang it on the ear; 
  3. Place the fingers of both hand in the middle of metal strip and press inwardly according to the shape of the nose bridge to conform to the shape of the nose bridge; 
  4. Wear mask up to the top of nose and under chin; check the tightness with your face and without gaps. 

Other ingredients

Made with non-woven fabric (inner/outer: antimicrobial polypropylene, filter: polypropylene).


Matters Needing Attention

  • Wash hands before putting on and taking off the mask.
  • Do not touch the face part of the mask once it has been put on.
  • This product is not washable.
  • Replace the mask if it gets damaged by friction or impact.
  • Store in a dry, ventilated place and stay away from fire and flammable materials.

Additional information

Weight .75 kg