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Baking Soda, 250g

Repackaged from Bulk

Our baking soda powder is of the highest quality, USP grade #1, and contains pure, natural sodium bicarbonate from a mined source.
aluminum-free baking powder (made with 71% certified organic ingredients) is equal to double-acting baking powder

Suggested Use

For best results, mix all of your dry ingredients together first, adding the wet ingredients at the end. Avoid stirring the batter too much after adding the water to maximize the powders affect. Simply stir until smooth and bake.

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Smoker or Coffee Drinkers Need this !!!

As a Smoker and Coffee Drinker I sprinkle some on my toothbrush and my teeth couldn’t get any whiter. It’s a big bag for a very nice price.

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Weight .75 kg