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Yarrow 1:2 Fluid Extract, 50ml

Botanical Name:  Achillea millefolium

Plant parts used:  Herb

Ethanol content:  45%

Yarrow Major Actions:
Diaphoretic (reduces fevers), peripheral vasolilator, bitter tonic, haemostatic (stops bleeding)

Yarrow Major Indications:
– Relief of fever associated with common cold and influenza
– Indigestion, poor appetite
– To support healthy circulation
– To support normal menstruation

Contraindications and Cautions
Caution in pregnancy and lactation.  Contraindicated in known allergy to yarrow and caution is advised in known sensitivity to plants of the Compositae family.  Discontinue 7 days prior to general anaesthesia

Dosage and Administration
15-40ml a week
2-6ml a day

Yarrow 1:2 Fluid Extract, 50ml, 

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