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The products for SuperfoodsNZ are fully researched and we believe are only the best quality supplements, superfoods and juices, herbs, teas, vanilla , and more.

Jackie Stoddard

Jackie Stoddard

Director -Jackie Stoddard N.D, with over 30 years experience as an naturopath, herbalist, therapeutic massage.

Administration Staff – Merril Shortland is bright, friendly and competent person and is learning the ropes but is looking forward to boarding her horizons and assisting the health of the customers on SuperfoodNz

Jackie is very passionate about effective HCG natural weight loss. After losing 25 kgs herself she says “the HCG drops are amazing and the loss lasts, it resets the Fat centre of the brain- the Diaencephalon

I’m happy to be supplying this product for anyone wanting to lose 3 kgs to 100 kgs (yes one customer has lost over 80 Kgs!) People are improving their health and happiness (3 people that SuperfoodsNZ know of, now have normal blood sugar levels & no longer on Type II Diabetes medications!) Hearing all the great feedback and weight loss successes, a bonus!

If you’d like SuperfoodsNZ to source a product for you we shall endeavour to find it

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“Thanks for sending this through. I received the pellets the other day – I have to admit I am impressed with them. I had used drops previously and really struggled with hunger on them. These pellets have totally killed my hunger! I am eating only when I am supposed to and the quantities and in between those meals, I am not feeling the same tiredness, lethargy, or hunger! Most impressed! Cheers” Georgia

Thank you  for this wonderful product Artemisinin – My little man Guss the chocolate lab has been on this for 2 years after a diagnosis of mast cell cancer and he is still with us and even the vets have been surprised as at the start they didnt give us a very good prognosis . Here we are 2 years and he is still with us going strong…. thank you from Guss’s Mum. Guss's Mum

On HCG I have lost ten kg and I feel great 🙂 thank you so much for selling this product. Kelly

Have had great success with the HCG!

My mother in law and I bought a big bottle and I have lost 15kg so far and she has lost 11kg.

Fantastic product! Are going to buy another small bottle to take us to the 40 days as not quite there yet!

I have attached a graph of my weight loss as I have been using an I phone program to track my weight loss.

Hope this gets me in the prize draw? J Thanks! Richard

My daughter and I are both doing it hence my order for 2 bottles as my cousin has just lost 22kg Thanks. Lynn

In 40 days I lost 12kg, on HCG. I have had to clean out my wardrobe and there are clothes I am wearing that I haven’t worn in years. I couldn’t have done it with out HCG and just entered phase 3, am going to get more to do a 21 day cycle to loose the last 5 kg. Regards Kathryn

Prompt delivery, dogy love em J

Thank you - Rescue Remedy SAVED my little guinea pig ... She is 3 months old and went into shock last night due to a dog visit ( unwelcome) and I brought her inside .. Your Animal Adviser suggested to give her a dose of the Rescue Remedy that I purchased at the Northern Rabbit and Cavy Show ... She was her lovely normal self within 30 minutes and by this morning was running around talking to me wanting extra for breakfast ... Thank you SuperfoodsNZ for providing this product for the rabbit show Sarah from Whangarei

I have been on the HCG diet for 24 days I was 119.3Kg am now 108.7Kg. That’s 10.6Kg of weight loss I am ecstatic and feel great! As you suggested & the HCG diet manual states, anyone doing this must follow instructions to get these sorts of results. Once you get into a habit or routine its easier & then you don’t even think about it, it just happens.

I recommend anyone to use the Green tea HP sachets & other products that Superfoodsnz specialises in. You might think they are expensive at first but compare the cost of one green tea HP sachet to coke, sachets still cheaper per unit & you feel better for it to.

Oh and they help you to lose weight also!

So just have a talk to Jackie about the benefits of all her products, she is lovely to talk to too and deal with. Chris D

“I happened to hear about this ”miracle” by sheer chance and I feel like I am so lucky to have done so. I read everything I could get my hands on as it just sounded way too out there and amazing and nothing ever special could ever happen to me like I had seen on YouTube or read on the internet. But I decided what was 23 days and a bit of determination for such a short period of time if it would work for me even by a fraction I would be very happy. I have tracked my loss everyday, and was going to do just the first 23 days and in that time I had lost 13kgs and was so ecstatic about the loss and how easy it was really, but decided to just carry on with doing HCG ; my husband who has been so patient with the crazy woman and her eating and focus. my girlfriend decided to do it the same time as me and the encouragement has been extremely helpful She has done very similar to me in loss etc and the daily contact with her has been so beneficial. gone from 96.8kgs to 77.0kg, I am totally thri

“Green tea HP is delicious. Thats better than coffee. Yummo and healthy. Thanx Jackie” Sarah

“HCG has helped me lose 12.4kg in just under 6 weeks! And my husband lost 9kg on the 3 week program. Have to admit the first 2 days was hard work getting our brains around the idea of eating only 500 calories, but after that we felt great, full of energy and not weighed down by carbs!!. Will be doing another 3 week stint soon!” Cheers Simone

Thank you superfoodsNZ – Brought Migraine for men and women  for my husband who is a migraine sufferer , Within 30 minutes of taking the tablets as recommended he started getting relief and within an hour he was able to function normally and felt like his normal self Kind Regards Louise from Tikipunga

Mother and Wife

Dear Jackie

I recently purchased some HCG Diet drops from you, and rightly so, I now enjoy being a happier and slimmer person. I would like to buy some more for my two daughters and a friend of mine

Many thanks Ann B

I’ve done this diet with huge success I lost 18kg in less than 40 days. Cheers Tanya 🙂

Well, we did it! B… lost an amazing 11kgs and I lost 7kgms. B has always had trouble getting past 95 and now he sits at 88.

I have recommended you to many people and B can’t stop talking about it to folk. Keep up the good work. Viv

I’m doing well enjoying the Green tea HP

lost 5 kg in 13 days

from 100.8 to 95.3 still sticking with it for now Lorraine