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Schisandra, Fluid Extract, 50ml

Botanical Name:  Schisandra chinensis

Plant Parts Used:  Fruit

Ethanol Content:  45%

Major Actions:
Tonic, Sedative, astringent, adaptogen, antitussive

Major Indications:
– Fatigue
– Insomnia, irritability, poor memory
– Excessive perspiration, night sweats.
– Support for healthy liver function
– Used in cough formulations

Contraindications and Cautions:
Traditionally contraindicated in the early stages of cough of rash.  Professional supervision is suggested for pregnancy and lactation.  Discontinue 7 days prior to general anaesthesia.

Dosage and Administration:
3.5 – 8.5 ml a day
25 – 60 ml a week


Schisandra, Fluid Extract, 50ml

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